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Are you Seeking an Expert Web Developer or Programmer for your Project?

So I heard you need a developer who consistently produces results!

My name is Mark Tellez, and I am a Sr. Web Developer who is enthralled with using Machine Learning to speed up my development and find solutions to previously unsolved challenges!

For a little over 26 years now, I’ve been a client-focused developer creating novel solutions for business people just like you!

I believe in clear communication, focusing on client satisfaction, and being committed to a strong work ethic - every day.

But don't take my word for it...

Over the last two years, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Mark Tellez. His dedication, reliability, and innovative thinking have left a lasting impression. Never shying away from a challenge, Mark has proven to be capable of managing any task with skill and professionalism.

Beyond his coding and UX expertise, he exhibits an understanding of various business domains and this makes him an ideal developer to work alongside. His ability to prioritize client satisfaction is commendable, distinguishing him from other developers I’ve worked with in the past.

It’s a pleasure to work alongside such a dedicated professional.

You can find my work in many places on the web

I have worked with hundreds of clients

I didn’t just work on mastering my coding skills, but I also honed my ability to work with non-technical business-minded professionals as well.

years coding
clients satisfied
5 star reviews
Mark Tellez - Expert ReactJS Mentor
(453 reviews)

You can verify these reviews at where I helped over a thousand people just like you!

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I offer a money back guarantee on your first lesson if you aren’t completely happy with my help.

How mentorship works

expert 1 on 1 programming help

This is a custom learning experience based on expert mentorship and solving real world problems together.

Leverage AI to code faster

Welcome to the AI revolution. I can show you how I use GPT to write better code in less time.

Use Windows, Mac or Linux

I work daily on all three platforms and I have years of experience on each!

Learn by doing

We work one on one, side by side, using Zoom. We build real world apps, not clones.

Record your sessions

Each session can be recorded to be rewatched at a later time.