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Learn Web Development 3.0 from an Expert Developer and Mentor

Hello! My name is Marcus Tellez and I am a Sr. Software Engineer specializing in web development, and an AI Researcher, currently focusing on machine learning via Large Language Models.

On this website, I write programmer-focused articles on tools, productivity, clarity, and code beauty. Topics include refactoring, design patterns, clean code, abstraction, functional programming, and using tools like ChatGPT to increase productivity.

I am known for writing human-readable, clean code, using JavaScript, NextJS, and ReactJS. I am pretty fond of MongoDB and Pinecone, and I have been an expert on Relational Databases like Postgres for many years.

Writing Clean JavaScript - Part 1 - Functional Programming
12 minute read
Marcus Tellez (AI Researcher)
Written on May 23, 2023
javascript clean code functional programming
Want more readable, concise JavaScript? Here are some functional programming tips to guide you!