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Learn ReactJS, NextJS, MongoDB and JavaScript/TS from an Expert Developer

Howdy!, my name is Mark Tellez, and I am a Sr. Web Developer who is enthralled with using Machine Learning to speed up my web development. And I can teach you how!

For a little over 10 years I’ve been mentoring students and developers in their web development aspirations. (

Mark Tellez - Sr Developer and AI Researcher

My Skill Expertise

My specialties include JavaScript, NextJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, Prompt Engineering, and Functional Programming.

You see, I’ve been writing JavaScript since way back in 1997. I have a passion for helping people and writing beautiful code and prose.

I would love to be the secret weapon in your journey to becoming a successful programmer and to help you master the craft of software engineering!

Find me on the web

I have mentored over 500 programmers

I have spent years consulting as a Sr. Developer at companies like YouTube, Twitter, and Uber, as well as hundreds of smaller clients that I valued just as much!

years coding
students mentored
5 star reviews
Mark Tellez - Expert ReactJS Mentor
(453 reviews)

You can verify these reviews at where I helped over a thousand people just like you!

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I offer a money-back guarantee on your first lesson if you aren’t completely happy with my help.

How mentorship works

expert 1 on 1 programming help

This is a custom learning experience based on expert mentorship and solving real world problems together.

Leverage AI to code faster

Welcome to the AI revolution. I can show you how I use GPT to write better code in less time.

Use Windows, Mac or Linux

I work daily on all three platforms and I have years of experience on each!

Learn by doing

We work one on one, side by side, using Zoom. We build real-world apps, not clones.

Record your sessions

Each session can be recorded to be rewatched at a later time, creating a screencast series all your own.