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Learn ReactJS, NextJS, JavaScript/TypeScript, functional programming, full stack, serverless web development using MongoDB and Postgres

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Learning Modern Web Development is hard. Learning Modern Web Development on your own is nightmare mode. Instead of fighting it alone, let an expert mentor powerlevel you and save you time and money!

  • Mark Tellez

    Sr. Developer

    Mark has been coding since he was a child and has had a long and storied career building the web you know today.

    He has led teams, and slaved for thousands of hours building apps in every possible language along the way and in companies of all sizes.

I have mentored hundreds of programmers

and I have spent years consulting as a Sr. Developer at companies like YouTube, Twitter, and Uber.

years coding
students mentored
videos on youtube

Mark has been coding JavaScript since 1997

Lean in on his years of experience to learn React

This is a custom learning experience based on expert mentorship and solving real world problems together, as programmers.

Use Windows, Mac or Linux

I work daily on all three platforms and I have years of experience on each!

Learn by doing

We work one on one, side by side, using Zoom. We build real world apps, not clones.

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Each session can be recorded to be rewatched at a later time, creating your own screencast series.

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There are no classes here, you don't have to work at a specific time. Book what you need.

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